About Sophie

Hey everyone! 

My name’s Sophie and I have three true passions in life: writing, cooking and taking pictures. I also really care about helping to reduce plastic consumption.

I was born in Berkshire and was lucky to spend my childhood in the countryside, but I fell in love with Glasgow when I moved to the city in 2012. I love walking in the city’s parks and hidden green spaces but I’m always saddened to see the amount of litter people leave behind them. Throwaway culture is something I’ve never understood. To combat this, I started looking into the ways that I could reduce my own waste.

One thing I really struggled to find was plastic free homeware alternatives (especially to replace everyday kitchen items). So, when I graduated from University, I thought I would try and find a solution. I also started learning more about foraging and growing my own fruit and veg. I firmly believe that having a plastic free kitchen shouldn’t be a struggle. I wanted to create a site where I could provide more sustainable homeware alternatives as well as sharing my passion for food.

That’s why I founded Save The Green.