About Save the Green

At Save the Green we have five priorities: 

 🌱 Quality

We aim to provide fantastic quality, sustainable and (where possible) plastic free products to help you reduce your plastic consumption. 

 🌱 Promoting shopping locally

Even though we are an online store, we still firmly believe in the importance of shopping locally. We will never ship outside of the UK for this very reason. We also strive to bring you as many products as possible from fantastic Scottish and UK brands.

🌱 Transparency

We think its imperative that you know exactly what it is that you're buying. That's why we are making all our product descriptions as clear as possible. We clearly label all of our vegetarian, vegan and plastic-free products to make things as simple as possible.

🌱 Affordability

We don't think going plastic-free needs to break the bank. In fact, we think plastic-free alternatives should be available to everyone, regardless of their circumstances. So we are continually striving to bring affordable substitutes to you at a variety of price points.

🌱 Creating positive things for the community

We think that having a positive impact should be paramount for any company. We want to make a difference not only with the products we stock but also the money we make. All our profits will, therefore, be used both to grow the company (in order to bring more fantastic products to you guys) and to help the community around us.